Wonderful lake

One of the most wonderful lakes in the world with small lakes each one with a different color and odor and taste because of different salts ,coming from deep earth all have walls made of plaster.the biggest one have water that the tour guide said is very suitable for persons with sinusitis.

The Badab Surt travertine springs take some effort to get to and in real life they aren’t as large as they appear in photos. However, look closely at the terraces and you’ll see how delicate the layers are and the colour of the water and rock is unique. It is very photogenic and if you are able to visit during a clear day and experience sunset/sunrise, the colours changing as they reflect in the water is beautiful.

It’s best to go with a local guide to take you to Badab Surt. The closest major town/city is Sari which is about 2.5hrs away.

If you do get Hamed to do a tour for you, make sure you set out your expectations and a schedule, especially if you need to see the sunset or sunrise. His tour style is very casual and relaxed, so if you have specific needs (like photography) these need to be explicitly stated and explained. I found travelling around in Iran that other private guides I used were a bit too casual by Western standards, especially with time management, so bear this in mind.

The car can only take you so far to Badab Surt, with the remaining distance up the hill needing to be traversed by tractor or hiking. Tractor takes 20min, slow and bumpy (we went in winter) and costs 6 euro and honestly not worth it. Hiking takes the same amount of time, isn’t strenuous and you get to see some interesting remnants of past quarrying in the area.

One thing not to do is to step onto the terraces and into the water as a lot of local Iranians do as this causes permanent damage to the terraces. The geology here is very fragile and we hope that the Iranian government will take better steps to protect this unique attraction.