Tourism is one of the fields that can help Iran get rid of an oil-dependent economy, and boost its non-oil revenues by encouraging foreign tourists to visit its diverse historical and natural attractions. The “Tourism” section in IFP News tries to offer a true image of the country’s beauties and tourism industry, and the opportunities for foreign investment in the field.

Filband Village Covered in Snow in Middle of Spring

Filband Village

This village is located at an altitude of about 2,300 metres above sea level on the eastern side of Mazandaran province in northern Iran.

Filband is known as the roof of the province. In this village, winter begins very soon and ends late.

The combination of high mountains and dense forests which pass through a large amount of white clouds has turned the village into a beautiful tourist destination.

The skies of Filband open up hidden and new aspects of nature to the tourists in the tranquillity of the clouds and the silence of nature.