Kandolus is a village in Zanus Rastaq Rural District, Kojur District, Nowshahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Time of departure: at 5 A.M

Date of departure:  July 5th , 2019

Time of the tour: 1 day

Level of difficulty:


Visiting Kandelous Anthropology Museum (the first rural museum in the world), Medicinal herbs museum, special rural architecture, visiting spectacular nature, Fazl and Fazel tomb, buying souvenirs as well as handy crafts

Services: breakfast, touristic vehicle, English tour guide, travel insurance, snack between meals

Price: 165,000 Tomans

Reservation Tel. : 02634446282, 02188583563

Address: unit 10, fourth floor, Agrin building, across from Rasul Akram Mosque, the position of governor general (Ostandari Street), Jahanshahr, Karaj